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YHM Phantom 7.62 LT/LTA Q.D Flash Hider 1/2x28

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This flash hider is used for YHM .30 Cal. Phantom LT/LTA Q.D. Sound Suppressor. It retains the excellent flash hiding capabilities of the original Phantom. This flash hider WILL NOT accommodate YHM 5.56 Phantom or Phantom M2 Sound Suppressors. Available in a wide array of thread sizes. In 2013 YHM redesigned our Q.D. Mount and upgraded its style, as well as function:



The new Carbon Scrapers (Teeth) removes or scrapes carbon from the internal support system of your can.

The Dual Support System supports and aligns the suppressor to your bore

Our 5 Port Design decreases visible flash

The External Locking Mechanism keeps heat away from the spring mechanism

A New High-Temperature Spring holds up better over a longer service life



Aggressive Teeth for a mean aggressive look

We removed the External Grooves for a sleek smooth look reduces carbon build-up for easy clean up

The Dust Enclosure hides and protects all internal moving parts within the our quick disconnect system.

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