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YHM Mini QD Muzzle Brake 5/8X24

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Part Number: BAF-YHM-3102-1MB-24A
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Introducing the highly anticipated Mini QD Brake for YHM's fast attach sound suppressor systems. The Mini QD brake is YHM engineering perfection.


Compact at only 1.6 inches and weighing in 3.2oz the Mini QD brake was designed for today's competitive shooter. No short cuts were taken, and users will find that the Mini QD brake is still capable of being shot comfortably unsuppressed as well as suppressed.


With a through bore of .350" the Mini QD Brakes are compatible with all of our YHM Phantoms, Turbos, Turbo Ks, Resonators, and Nitros.


1.6" overall length, adds approx. 1" to overall barrel length

3.2 Oz.

Phosphate finish

Includes Shim Set for barrel timing.


The devices should be torqued to between 20 and 30 Ft-lbs.

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