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YHM .30 cal LT 1/2-28 Q.D. Muzzle Brake for Nitro and Resonator

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Part Number: BAF-YHM-4302-MB-28A
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For users who desire a muzzle brake instead of a flash hider, YHM now offers this Q.D. Mount muzzle brake for our Light Tactical .30 Cal. Sound Suppression Systems. Sound suppressors naturally work as a muzzle brake, this Q.D. mount will decrease recoil of your host firearm even more.

This muzzle brake WILL NOT accommodate our 5.56 Phantom®, Phantom® 5.56 M2, or Turbo® Gen 1 Sound Suppressors.

Shim Kit is included in the price.

Factory Installation Available: FREE installation is available for all YHM products onto your rifle. Some restrictions apply, call for details.


Our Redesign of the YHM-5M2-QD has a smooth sleek look which eases cleaning, and because of popularity we decided to apply this to our .30 Cal. Muzzle Brakes.  The redesign also features an improved mounting service which makes attachment quicker, and easier.

Three thread sizes are available:
  • 5/8"-24 (YHM-4302-MB-24A, Price includes SHIM-3302-SET)
  • 1/2"-36 (YHM-4302-MB-36A, Price includes SHIM-3102-SET)
  • 1/2"-28 (YHM-4302-MB-28A, Price includes SHIM-3102-SET)

The devices should be torqued to between 20 and 30 Ft-lbs.

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