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Spike's Tactical AR-15 Battle Trigger

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The Spike's Tactical Battle Trigger is a single stage MIL-SPEC fire control group. It includes a curved trigger, a rounded hammer to work with all calibers, and a disconnector plated with nickel boron. This plating gives you an extremely reliable and smooth single stage trigger that breaks at around 5-6 lbs. This kit comes with everything you need to replace your old fire control group including all needed springs. We've also included stainless steel hammer and trigger pins that both feature a black oxide finish for durability, just in case the ones you have are a little worn or if you're installing the Battle Trigger in a new lower! Grab one today and drop one in your lower to finally get rid of that gritty feeling standard trigger! 

NOTE: The ST Battle Trigger has a super smooth trigger pull; most find it around 5-6 lbs however, the full range is 5-8 lbs due to variances between individual springs from the same batch.

Mil-Spec single stage

Nickel Boron coated

5-8 lb trigger pull

Black oxide trigger and hammer pins .154"

The mission at Spike’s Tactical is simple, they strive to build the highest quality products offered at the best possible prices. Whether a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3-gun shooter, military, or law enforcement professional, their rifles won't let you down when it counts, guaranteed.

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