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Sons of Liberty Gun Works M16 Bolt Carrier Group - .223/5.56

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If you are looking to build an AR-15 for hard use, to standards that exceed Mil-Spec expectations, then look no further than Sons of Liberty Gun Works. Every component of this bolt carrier group has been properly heat treated and is designed for reliability and longevity. The carrier is machined from AISI 8620 aircraft quality steel and features a full auto profile with durable manganese phosphate coating. The bolt is made from Carpenter Technology No. 158 Alloy and has been magnetic particle inspected as well as high pressure tested to ensure that it will run for many years to come. Every part on a BCG has a specific function and must be made to the highest standards so it doesn’t fail. The gas key is made from 4130 chromoly steel and has grade eight properly staked hex screws to prevent it from coming loose over time. This SOLGW bolt carrier group is a great choice if you are building or upgrading an AR-15.



Manganese phosphate finish for corrosion resistance


Hard chromed bore and gas key

Carpenter Technology 158 alloy bolt (shot peened)

4340 Tool steel extractor (shot peened)

S7 Tool steel ejector (shot peened)

Full auto profile 8620 alloy carrier

4130 Chromoly gas key with staked hex screws

4340 Chromoly cam pin

8640 steel alloy firing pin with chrome plating


The Sons of Liberty Gun Works AR-15 BCG comes with many advantages like shot peening to help improve strength and even features small improvements like a precision ground gas key interface on the carrier to help secure the gas key in place. Even the cam pin has subtle improvements like a solid film lubricant that helps reduce wear when the bolt is unlocking. The firing pin is hard chrome plated to prevent breakage. This Complete bolt carrier assembly will ensure that your AR-15 will run reliably for many years to come.


Sons of Liberty Gun Works is a custom rifle manufacturer in the United States that specializes on the AR-15 platform. They began producing purpose-built weapons for law enforcement and civilians alike and are given a lot of praise for focusing on the details that make an AR reliable. Function over form is what their rifles are known for and they are guaranteed to get the job done. From full rifles to individual parts, you can’t go wrong with SOLGW.

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