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SilencerCo 3 Lug Barrel Mount Adapter 9mm

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Part Number: BAF-AC2447
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If you have been looking to utilize your favorite SilencerCo Octane, Omega K, or Hybrid suppressor on a 3-Lug firearm then this is the factory SilencerCo part for you. This mount replaces the endcap on the prescribed suppressor and allows it to be attached to HK style 3-lug barrels. This piece is made from stainless steel and features a black oxide finish.


Specifications and Features:

SilencerCo Octane 3 Lug Barrel Mount AC2447

9mm Luger Compatible

Replaces your endcap

Turns your suppressor into a direct mount system for HK 3-Lug style barreled firearms

Stainless Steel

Black Oxide Finish



Silencer Co Octane, Omega K, and Hybrid

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