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Rugged Mustang 22LR

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The Mustang22 is the ideal mix of Grade 5 Titanium and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. Utilizing ADAPT™ modular technology, the Mustang22 has multiple configurations to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a dedicated .22 suppressor look no further!


Caliber Rating

Full-Auto Rated for 22LR



Diameter: 1.06?

Length: Standard Configuration: 5.3?; Short Configuration: 3.4?

Weight: Standard Configuration: 3.3oz; Short Configuration: 2.4oz



Mount & Direct Threads: Grade 5 Titanium

Tube: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Baffles: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Finish: High Temp Cerakote


ADAPT™ Modular Technology

You don’t have to choose between a short rifle suppressor and a long one; with ADAPT™ Modules you get two lengths with one tax stamp. You can have a shorter and ultra light suppressor in seconds compared to months.


Keyed Baffles

Indexing tabs provide repeatable return to zero after user servicing. The Mustang22 uses keyed baffles that create a gas seal to prevent carbon and gas build up between the tube and baffles for ease of disassembly.


No First Round Pop

The Mustang22 features class leading suppression and no first round pop in the standard configuration.?


Strategic Engraving

Strategically placed engraving on the Titanium mount. The Titanium and Unconditional Lifetime Warranty create infinite life for your suppressor due to the strength of the material and the location of the serial number.

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