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OSS Rad 9 9mm Suppressor

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The OSS RAD 9 is the 9mm suppressor you’ve been dreaming of! Its 7.7 inch full configuration length and 5.15 short configuration length give you two great options for shooting, depending on your host and suppression needs. The RAD 9 also only weighs 9.1 ounces in the full configuration and a mere 5.9 ounces in its short configuration, giving you two lightweight option to choose from when you’re at the range. Don’t let that lightweight fool you though! The OSS RAD 9 is constructed of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum so you get durability along with that incredibly light weight.

Speaking of durability, this OSS suppressor is also full auto rated up to 300 blackout subsonic!Like their new RAD 45, the RAD 9 features OSS’s next generation Flow-Baffles™ which allows for cleaner shooting, less fouling, and less blowback. It also provides high quality noise reduction and reduced recoil as well, all while remaining accurate and repeatable. If you’re looking for a versatile, modular 9mm suppressor, look no further than the OSS RAD 9.

Length: 7.7 inches; 5.15 inches
Weight: 9.1 ounces; 5.9 ounces
Diameter: 1.375 inches
Build Materials: Titanium, stainless steel, aluminum
Finish: Cerakote matte black
No barrel length restrictions!

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