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Noveske Rifleworks AR-15 Carbine H2 Buffer - 4.8oz

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Ensure your AR-15 cycles reliably with the Noveske Rifleworks Carbine H2 buffer weight. This buffer weight is designed to work with a carbine or mid-length gas system and a carbine buffer tube. The Heavy buffer weighs 4.8 ounces, much more than most standard carbine buffer weights and can help to reduce felt recoil without sacrificing reliability. The Noveske H2 buffer contains two steel and one tungsten weight to reach the overall weight. If you want to build or upgrade your AR-15 to have minimal recoil while still maintaining reliability, the Noveske carbine H2 buffer might be the one for you.



4.8 ounce carbine buffer

Two steel weights and one tungsten weight

Designed for carbine length receiver extensions


Carbine length AR-15s generally are over-gassed which can increase reliability if your gun is dirty but can also cause increase parts wear over time as well as increase felt recoil. The H2 buffer will help to soften the recoil impulse of your rifle by slowing down the bolt cycle, so you can get back on target faster without effecting reliability. Because the buffer is heavier and slows down the action, it increases dwell time which helps to keep your rifle from getting as dirty and improves the lifespan of your parts. Choosing the correct buffer weight is a balancing act between gas system length, barrel length, and most importantly ammo. A general rule is to inspect where your expended brass is getting thrown. If it is being ejected far forward around 1 o’clock, your system may be over-gassed. The Noveske H2 buffer might just be the perfect combination of low recoil and reliability for your AR setup.


Founded in 2001, Noveske Rifleworks is best known for producing military and competition grade barrels, AR-15 rifles, and components. Noveske is dedicated to providing AR-15 rifle platforms, billet receivers, and handguards in a variety of different calibers and configurations. They focus on the details of each and every part to ensure that it functions correctly and is made to the highest standards.

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