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Midwest Industries Blast Can AR-10/.308 AR Muzzle Device .30 Caliber 5/8x24

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This Midwest Industries Blast Can Muzzle device is not your typical recoil reduction or flash hiding device. The Blast Can is actually designed to direct the muzzle blast forward and is typically used on short barreled rifles and pistols. This device will NOT reduce recoil or flash. It is constructed from 6061 aluminum and features a hard coat anodized finish which should provide you with a lifetime of service. A crush washer is included for your convenience. Like with all Midwest Industries parts and accessories the Blast Can is made right here in the USA.


Features and Specifications:

Manufacturer Number: MI-BC762

Blast Can Muzzle Device

.30 Caliber Compatible

Threaded 5/8x24

Directs Muzzle Blast Forward

Excellent for Short Barreled Rifles (SBR's) or Pistols

Does NOT Reduce Flash or Recoil

Crush Washer Included

Overall Length: 3.375"

Overall Weight: 3.2 oz

Outside Diameter: 1.2

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Finish: Hard Coat Anodized Matte Black

Made in the USA





Knights SR 25

AR-15 Chambered in .300 AAC Blackout

.30 caliber rifles threaded 5/8x24 TPI

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