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Midwest Industries .30 Caliber Flash Hider/Impact Device

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Part Number: BAF-MI-ARFH2
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If you are building or enhancing your .30 Caliber AR-10 using the best parts available will give you better performance and handling. One of the best you can go with is Midwest Industries Flash Hider to help reduce perceived recoil and muzzle flash. Made entirely in the USA of high quality components ensures shooters have the very best for getting more hits on target. Go with one of the best. Go with 100% American Made Midwest Industries gear.


Specifications and Features

Manufacturer Number: MI-ARFH2

Reduces felt recoil and muzzle flash

Constructed of tool steel with melonite finish

For use with .30 caliber rifles with 5/8-24 Threads

Includes crush washer

100% made in the USA

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