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Magpul MOE AR-15 Trigger Guard Polymer Black

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The Magpul Trigger Guard makes gloved shooting more comfortable and effective.

The MOE Trigger Guard's shallow "V" shape does not fold, has rounded edges, and removes an ugly gap at the bottom rear of the standard trigger guard where dirt and dust can accumulate. By allowing more space for gloved hands, this trigger guard facilitates tactical and cold-weather shooting. This polymer drop-in replacement for AR-15/M16 platforms includes all mounting hardware. The trigger guard also works well with most 7.62x51 AR platforms, though may require custom fitting.


Magpul MOE Trigger Guard Features and Specifications:

Shallow "V" Shape with Rounded Edges


Great for Gloved Hands

Fills Standard Trigger Guard Rear Gap

Material: Polymer

Finish: Black

Includes Mounting Hardware

Made in the USA



AR-15/M16 Platforms

Most 7.62x51 AR platforms (may require custom fitting)

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