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KAK AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit

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The KAK Industry AR-15 lower parts kit is a one stop purchase to get everything you need to complete your first or tenth lower receiver. This AR-15 LPK is made up of Mil-Spec components for maximum compatibility with all lower receivers. It not only comes with the small springs, detents, and pins, but also a Mil-Spec trigger group, A2 pistol grip, and a billet machined trigger guard. The trigger guard is enlarged to give you enough room to pull the trigger if you are wearing gloves. This Mil-Spec complete lower parts kit by KAK Industry is an affordable way to complete your build.


This LPK Includes:

A2 pistol grip

Grip screw and lock washer

90-degree standard safety selector

Safety detent and detent spring

MIL-SPEC bolt catch

Billet trigger guard

Bolt catch plunger and roll pin

Magazine catch and spring

Magazine release button

Pivot pin and takedown pin

(2) Pivot/Takedown Pin Detents

(2) Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Springs

Buffer retaining pin and spring

Mil-Spec trigger and hammer

Trigger and hammer springs


With a reputation for precision manufacturing, KAK Industry offers quality, American made components at affordable prices. They began as a single shop and grew to a huge manufacturing facility in California where they now produce more than 1.75 million firearms components a year. They have since expanded to even more locations, including testing facilities, so they can ensure that every one of their products meet the demands of shooters, hunters, and businesses everywhere.

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