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HIPERFIRE Hipertouch Elite AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly

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HIPERFIRE designs and manufactures firearm accessories with objectively superior performance for the modern sporting rifle. Experience the product of a burning desire to innovate that can only be called a passion.

The HIPERTOUCH Elite is a significant upgrade to your MIL-SPEC AR trigger. This high-quality fire control group for AR-15 and AR-308 pattern rifles features a Cam-Over Toggle Engine, curved trigger bow, and adjustable pull weights from 2½ - 3½ lbs.


Only a hint of take-up/pre-travel

Smooth, no-flinch break

Cam-over toggle engine

Hard hitting hammer

Soft-start lock-up for pre-ignition stability

Adjustable pull weight from 2½ - 3½ lbs

Curved trigger bow with backbone

Semi-auto single-stage

Crisp, clean, trigger break

Short over-travel

Positive reset

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