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Forward Controls Design Stoner 63 Style Compensator - Dead Air Keymo Mount - 1/2x28

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Effective flash suppression, reduced muzzle rise, an integrated wire cutter feature, and a slick, no frills design come together in the 6315. Machined from incredibly durable 4130 bar stock steel, the effective flash hider provides a noticeable improvement on the traditional A2 flash hider in both flash suppression and muzzle rise compensation, without increasing muzzle blast. A slick nitride finish protects it from corrosion to give you a long lasting and durable option for your rifle.


1/2x28 threaded for 5.56/.223

4130 steel bar stock

Properly heat treated

Salt bath nitride finish

Effective flash suppression

Effective muzzle rise compensation

Compatible with DeadAir KeyMo Suppressors

Integrated wire cutting feature

Includes crush washer

The effective design of the 6315 draws inspiration from the muzzle device found on Stoner 63 -itself an improvement on the A2 flash hider - but modernized and tweaked for superior performance. By shortening and narrowing the side ports, muzzle rise reduction has improved and the increased real estate at the muzzle end has allowed the inclusion of wire cutter notches at 3 and 9 o'clock positions. The impressive suppression capabilities combined with the lightweight and small design are proof that larger muzzle devices aren't necessarily better. Simple, clean, and effective, the 6315 is an excellent option for your next AR-15 build.

Forward Controls Design firmly believes in the elegance of simplicity. Not content to produce purely aesthetic components, they put function before form to create parts and accessories that actually improve the handling and function of your firearms. When you need parts that just work without complication, you need Forward Controls Design.

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