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Energetic Armament Lux 7.62

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Tubeless welded titanium silencer with a 1.375×24 universal mount interface and fixed end cap. The Lux™ uses the patent pending Energetic Armament serial ID ring for ease of core replacement should damage occur. The internal surfaces are finished with S-Line (boron nitride). External surfaces are finished with DLC PVD (diamond-like carbon).



Weight: 7.72 OZ

Boron nitride internally coated

DLC exterior finish

Compatible with "Bravo" mounting solutions

Rated up to 300 Win Mag




Maintenance tool

5/8x24 direct thread mount standard

Vox Blox vise block



Compatible with:

SilencerCo ASR Mount

SilencerCo ASR Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider

Dead Air Key-Mo

Dead Air Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider

Dead Air Xeno Adapter

SilencerCo Direct Thread Mount

Energetic Armament Vox Direct Thread Mount

Plan-B by Q

YHM Phantom Q.D. Adapter

Griffin A2 Adapter

EA Thunder Beast Bravo Mount

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