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Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1

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The Dead Air Wolverine will fit 14L, 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L and the potential for more will be added to the list depending on demand. You won’t have to buy multiple silencers to fit different threaded combloc rifles; simply swap out user changeable thread inserts.  The Wolverine PBS-1 was designed to lower back-pressure on a variety of firearm hosts, reducing both blowback and port noise. 



Designed for performance at the ear

Ultra-low back pressure

Ideal for suppressing the AK platform

No minimum barrel length restrictions

Full auto rated to 7.62x54R

Lifetime warranty


What’s Included:

M14x1 LH thread adapter

Instruction manual

Dead Air patch

Suppressor tool

Ration card

Large-opening collar


Compatible Accessories:

Dead Air Wolverine Thread Insert

Dead Air Sandman Flat Front Caps

Dead AIr Flash Hider Front Caps

Dead Air E-Brake

Rating: Multi - Up to 7.62x54R

Length: 7.4" (with thread adapter)

Weight: 19.8 oz - 24.4 oz depending on mount

Diameter: 1.5" tube, 1.93" outside diameter

Finish: Cerakote body with nitrided parts

Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions

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