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Dead Air Sandman K Suppressor

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The Dead Air Armament Sandman K is the shortest and lightest of the Sandman family of suppressors. With an overall length of 5.4" and weight of 12.8 ounces , the Sandman-K adds only 2.9" to the overall length of the host rifle.


With a full stellite baffle stack and stainless tube, the Sandman K insures extreme durability on both full auto use and extremely short barrels. The Sandman K utilizes the standard Dead Air Key Mount system, insuring compatibility with the same muzzle devices used for the Sandman L, Sandman S, and many SilencerCo suppressors using the Dead Air Key-Mo system.


As with other Dead Air suppressors, the Sandman K has no minimum barrel length restrictions and a lifetime warranty. The Dead Air Sandman K is a great choice for suppression when the smallest footprint is needed.



Low back-pressure, ideal for semi-automatic rifles

Ultra-short length

No minimum barrel length restrictions

Full auto rated, from 5.56 to 300 Win Mag

Full stellite baffle stack for extreme durability

Key-mount QD system with solid lockup and repeatable POI

Lifetime warranty

Available in black cerakote or RAW (stainless)


What’s Included:

5/8x24 brake standard.

Shim kit for muzzle device installation

Heat-resistant storage pouch

Suppressor manual

Dead Air decal


Compatible Accessories:

Dead Air Key-Mount Flash Hider

Dead Air Key-Mount Muzzle Brake

Dead Air Front Cap Removal Tool

Dead Air Sandman Front Caps

Dead Air Sandman Flash Hider Front Caps

Dead Air E-Brake

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