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Dead Air Nomad Ti Suppressor

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The Dead Air Nomad Ti takes the great size and performance of the Nomad-30 and reduces the weight. At only 9.6 ounces, it's one of the lightest centerfire rifle silencers on the market, and certainly the lightest in class. The Nomad Ti retains the same mounting system compatibility as the original and 'L' variants. The tubeless design allows for optimization of internal volume while keeping weight to a minimum.


While the Nomad Ti is shipped with a 5/8x24 titanium direct thread mount, it's also compatible with Dead Air Key-Mo (Omega), SilencerCo Omega / Hybrid ASR, Plan B by Q, and any other mounting systems that fit the SilencerCo Omega, SilencerCo Hybrid, or Energetic Armament VOX. The user can quickly adapt the Nomad to whatever system appropriate for the task. The Dead Air Nomad Ti uses Sandman Front Caps, Flash Hider Front Caps and is compatible with the Dead Air E-Brake.



Rated up to .300 Norma Mag

16" minimum barrel length, 12.5" on 556 with limited rate of fire

Only 9.6 ounces

Key-mount QD system compatible

Compatible with Bravo mounting solutions

Compatible with Sandman front caps

Lightest suppressor in class


What's Included:

5/8x24 Direct Thread mount


Suppressor manual

Dead Air decal

Maintenance tools


Compatible Accessories:

Dead Air Titanium Direct Thread Mounts

Dead Air E-Brake

Dead Air Key-Mo (Omega Variant)

Dead Air Key-Mount Flash Hider

Dead Air Key-Mount Muzzle Brake

Dead Air Front Cap Removal Tool

Dead Air Sandman Front Caps

Dead Air Sandman Flash Hider Front Caps

SilencerCo Omega / Hybrid ASR

Plan B by Q


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