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CZ P-10 F 9MM BLK/GREY 21+1 Threaded Barrel Suppressor Ready

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A 21 Round Full Sized Urban Gray CZ P-10 That's Ready for Your Suppressor


The CZ P10 F Suppressor-Ready is much more than just another striker fired pistol. This is the CZ that will shoot as good as it looks. It's an ergonomic full size pistol with a threaded barrel and high night sights that's suppressor ready right out of the box. You will notice it will fit just right in your hand and it avoids the feeling of being a "brick-in-the-hand" which other striker fired guns suffer from. It features an optimized grip angle, a mild palm swell and includes three interchangeable backstraps to give you a customized fit. A deep beavertail with an undercut triggerguard provides for a high shooting grip offering better control and accuracy. The trigger breaks at a clean 4.5 lb to 5 lb pull and rebounds with a short positive reset allowing for well placed follow up shots. The fiber reinforced polymer frame is built to be durable and sturdy enough for the rigors of hard heavy daily use. With CZ reliability and engineering, the P10 F Suppressor-Ready is the complete package you've been waiting for.


CZ USA P-10 F Suppressor-Ready Specifications and Features:

CZ Item Number: 91544

Full Sized Semi Automatic Handgun

9mm Luger

21 Rounds

5.11" Cold Hammer Forged Threaded Barrel

Threaded Muzzle

Suppressor Height Metal Night Sights

Striker Fired

Firing Pin Block Safety

Trigger Safety

Two Tone

Urban Grey Fiber Reinforced Polymer Frame

3 Interchangeable Backstraps

Black Slide Finish

Overall Length: 8.6"

Weight: 30 oz

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