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CMMG AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit Black

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Part Number: BAF-55CA6C5
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Durable and Reliable CMMG AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit

CMMG is one of the top companies in the AR-15 game. With the CMMG AR-15 complete lower receiver parts kit, you will get everything you need to finish off your stripped lower receiver. Sets of parts are separated into color-coded bags and come along with directions to make assembly easy, even for beginners. Don't settle for a lesser quality parts kit that might fail at any time, the CMMG lower parts kit is ready for the toughest conditions.


CMMG LPK Features and Specifications:

Manufacturer Number: 55CA6C5

AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit

Finish: Black



Pistol Grip

Fire Controls and Pins

Standard Trigger

Fits: AR-15 Lower Receivers

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