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BCM PNT Polished Nickel Teflon Trigger Assembly AR-15 Mil-Spec

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Bravo Company Manufacturing is world renowned for high quality AR-15 parts and accessories. BCM's quality control is one of the highest in the industry proving once again that the end user is more important than the bottom line. This particular trigger is a new offering from BCM but you can rest assured that this trigger actually meets Mil-Spec TDP requirements while the polished nickel Teflon assembly will reduce friction without reducing reliability.


Specifications and Features:

Bravo Company Manufacturing BCM PNT Polished Nickel Teflon Trigger Assembly BCM-PNT-TA1

Trigger and Hammer are precision machined Mil-Spec AISI8620 per the USGI TDP

Not to be confused with MIM commercial market parts

Small Pin Trigger and Hammer Pins (.156"/.157")

Three step heat treated and case hardened

Hand polished with 300% friction reduction

Electroless Nickel finish

Teflon Coating

Made in the USA

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