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Aero Precision AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Minus FCG / Grip / Trigger Guard

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Ready to build out a lower, but wanting to minimize spare parts that might tempt you into yet another build? The Aero Precision lower parts kit for builders is just what you're looking for. This MIL-SPEC parts kit contains all of the small parts you need to get a lower together but drops the parts you were going to toss in your parts bin anyway in favor of aftermarket upgrades. The remaining components are built to proper MIL-SPEC quality for maximum reliability and compatibility.


This kit does not include a pistol grip, trigger guard, or fire control group, allowing you to build out the rifle you want with the bare minimum of leftovers.


Kit includes:

Takedown/pivot spring

Takedown/pivot detent

Takedown pin

Pivot pin

Bolt catch

Bolt catch spring

Bolt catch buffer

Bolt catch roll pin

Safety selector

Safety selector spring

Safety selector detent

Buffer retainer

Buffer retainer spring

Magazine catch body

Magazine catch spring

Magazine catch button

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