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San Tan Tactical Lower Parts Kit (Minus Spring + Grip)

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San Tan Tactical Lower Parts Kits Meet Or Exceed Mil-Spec Requirements


San Tan Tactical is excited and proud to offer American made parts and accessories with innovation, performance and most importantly value. San Tan tactical is committed to it's patrons and wants to ensure that each shooter that purchases their products is completely satisfied. Try San Tan tactical parts for your next build or upgrade project. This particular item is a builders version of the Lower parts kit. It comes with all the small parts and springs for finishing an AR-15 lower receiver except for the pistol grip, grip screw, washer, and the trigger and trigger/hammer pins. The exterior facing parts will have a black finish.


San Tan Tactical AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Without Pistol Grip/Trigger Group Specifications and Features:

San Tan Tactical STT-LPK

AR-15 Builders Lower Parts Kit

Includes the springs/pins/detents

Matte Black



All Springs/Pins/Detents

Selector/Magazine Release/Bolt Release/Trigger Guard


Does NOT Include:

Pistol Grip, Grip Screw, and Washer

Any Part of the Trigger Assembly

Trigger Pin/Hammer Pin



AR-15/AR-10/DPMS LR-308 Lowers and Similar Pattern Clones

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