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Q Trash Panda QD Suppressor

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The trash PANDA by Q® is the Quickie™ Fast-Attach version of the half NELSON™. Designed with practical shooters in mind who wish to suppress multiple platforms, this silencer is short, lightweight, and hearing safe. 100% titanium construction with a PVD coating, fully rotary welded with no outer tube, and features standard size wrench flats on the front and back for easily install and removal.


Each trash PANDA comes with a 1/2×28 and a 5/8-24 Cherry Bomb™ muzzle brake.


Features & Specs


Caliber: 7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM

Silencer Weight: 11.8 oz

Muzzle Brake Weight:  2 oz

Diameter:  1.75”

Overall Length:  6.9”

Attachment: Quickie™ Fast-Attach

Materials:  100% TITANIUM

Finish:  PVD

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