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Liberty Precision Machine Torch 5.56/6mm Suppressor

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All NFA Regulations apply: Please be aware of the wait time and paperwork involved in obtaining a silencer before purchase. Please email us your dealers contact information (with order #) within 3 days of purchase so we can get the transfer paperwork started.

The LPM Torch was designed to provide extreme holistic signature reduction for both operators and bystanders on gas-operated firearms. This requires minimal gas blowback and sound to the shooter while maintaining a high level of muzzle sound suppression. Solid and vented end caps are included to allow for changing the bias of muzzle to ear sound suppression depending on the host weapon and user needs. The innovative nested blast baffle design increases strength, reduces baffle erosion on short barrels, and minimizes the silencer’s effect on weapon function.


Model: Torch 

  • SKU: LPM-10009
  • Weight 14.0 oz (No mount)
  • Length: 6.2? (No mount)
  • Diameter: 1.75?
  • Thread Pitch: Universal 1.375-24 TPI pattern mounting system, ships with DLC titanium 1/2-28 direct thread adapter
  • End caps: Vented Flash Hiding and Solid
  • Caliber Rating: Up to 6mm, full-auto rated
  • Minimum Barrel Length: 7.5?
  • Finish: Graphite Black Cerakote™
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for workmanship and material defects. This warranty covers everything except willful destruction and normal wear and tear.
  • Serial Number: Patented Serial ID Ring (US 11,326,849) for ease of maintenance and updates, licensed from Energetic Armament
  • MSRP: $869

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