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Dead Air Keymount Micro Break 1/2 x 28

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Building the strength and muscle memory to successfully control the recoil of a firearm takes a very long time, and a lot of people find it impossible. This Key Mount Micro Brake takes the challenge of recoil out of your hands, reducing lift and making it much easier to keep each shot consistent and on-target. It can also reduce muzzle flare, providing you with a shooting experience that takes full advantage of your skills without letting your kit get in the way.



The Micro Brake itself has been designed to be as easy to use and convenient as possible. A short 2.06" length ensures that your barrel doesn’t get snagged when moving it around, while the .38 Bore offers versatility. Dead Air has produced their own simple key system for their brakes and other barrel accessories, called KeyMicro Adapter. This functions similarly to KeyMo and the two options are compatible with one another.


Reduces recoil and improves gun control

Small, light, and easy to install

Made from high-quality materials

Built to last by the experts at Dead Air

Compatible with KeyMicro and KeyMo systems

1/2-28: .38 Bore

Length of a Micro Brake is: 2.06"

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